New Smyrna, Florida – Antique Vehicle Display

So, who’s to blame for the current childhood obesity epidemic? Culprits aren’t hard to find are they? The finger is being pointed in a variety of different directions and yet nobody really wants to stand up and take responsibility. Check it out.

New Smyrna, Florida - Antique Vehicle Display

High performance engines produce more heat than normal passenger car engines do. Many click here for more info have heat problems due to high RPM on the highway. Reducing the RPM with an overdrive can reduce engine temperature and prevent overheating on long trips.

By 1920 — the year both Dodge Brothers died — the Dodge company had climbed to an impressive second in the auto industry. However, in the wake of the Dodge brothers’ death, the company went through a period of financial troubles, and the Dodge company fell behind in competition. Wanting to move into the market Dodge had claimed, Walter Chrysler bought Dodge Brothers for $170 million in 1928.

The Batmobile from the original late-60s TV series. Talk about your hot rod Lincoln! Come to think of it, a Lincoln never looked so… batty. Makes you want to strap on a yellow utility belt, hopefully with keys in tow. Sure, the Batmobiles from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight were crazy fast after the Scarecrow and Joker. But I’ll stick with the classic.

The GTO was another marketing success for General Motors. Although the car was not the fastest car on the market it quickly became successful as an all a round muscle car. It was relatively affordable, relatively fast and relatively handsome. Many consider it the first modern muscle car. Although that is debatable, it is definitely the first successful muscle car in terms of sales.

Around dusk, take a walk through the All american- ars Garden outside the Castle. It is a bit off the beaten path but you will be treated to beautiful views of the castle and the wonderful smell of roses all around you. Now and again you will even see a duck family among the flowers.

Avery Island is where the famous McIlhenny Company’s factory is located. They make the fiery Tabasco pepper sauce. The island is a lovely trip with guided factory tours being free.

The Carmel Valley Garden Show, Saturday and Sunday, May 1-2, is a many-splendored thing – if you like gardening and flowers, it’s fabulous, but there’s plenty to enjoy aside from that aspect. An art sale, silent auction, gala dinner, and food will enhance the free two-day event, in addition to plant sales, lectures, potting demonstrations and plant and floral exhibits.

The Charger R/T proved its durability as it had no suspension problems from all the jumps while the Mustang had several suspension problems. Unfortunately the Charger didn’t prove itself very durable in the sales department as the 1968 sales were the high water mark and then declined every year after that as the other manufacturers came up with more desirable cars. The final 2 nails in the Charger and other muscle car’s coffin were the insurance companies and oil crisis in 1971 that essentially killed off the muscle car.